Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Church Planting in Post-Modern Culture

Russ passed a book along to me, Church Planting from the Ground
. To this point I have thoroughly enjoyed the read. I decided to pass
along some of the more weighty material for you to think on as well. The
following section is out of the chapter titled Postmodern Issues.

"The challenge for today's church planter is to pay attention to the
shifting seasons: Where are the birds flocking? How do we relate to one another?
How do we understand the world? In a world where people are exposed to different
cultures at an unprecedented level, the church plant has a chance to celebrate
diversity with their building and programming. In a world where truth is
difficult to pin down, the church plant offers truth a place to land - that is,
in lives carefully lived. In a world where people are increasingly isolated from
one another, the church plant has the opportunity to remind people of a call to
live alongside one another. In a world where uncertainty seems to prevail, the
church plant is to redefine what it means to live an abundant life alongside
others in a way that demands and directs the attention of distracted,
disintegrated people towards God. The call to the postmodern church plant is to
be for the birds..."

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