Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Jones family and I just got back from Texas visiting the Westside congregation which is heavily involved in our work in the NW. While there we experienced a heavy dose of Christian hospitality, the kind that we will need to show if this church plant is to be successful. Here is some thoughts concerning hospitality:

- Paul lays a foundation for Christian ministry in Romans 12. The fruit of a "living sacrifice" is a grace driven,ministry centered life. He lays the foundation by talking about the necessary attitude (ve. 3), the gifts given to each (v. 4-8), and then describes the lifestyle (9-21). Verse 13 says that one element of the Christian lifestyle is that he/she "practice hospitality." The folks in Texas not only "showed" hospitality but they "practiced" hospitality. In other words, they were good at it!

- Consider my own experience: No detail was over looked. From the cleanliness of the home to the friendliness of the host, they went out of their way to make sure I felt comfortable. Their hospitality in essence said to me, "We love you enough to treat you as if Christ were a guest in our home."

- In a church plant, the leadership core has to "practice hospitality." It opens doors, strengthens bonds and builds up the church.


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