Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to the Internet

One of the aims of this blog is for us to be able to submit ideas for ministry for everyone to see and think about so that we don't take up time in our meetings for more important issues. As you all know I'll be doing our webpage, planning to have it up in June. I know Mike has some ideas of what it should do, but what about everyone else? The internet has become such a second nature thing in people's lives. People want to be able to check out a church before they worship or visit many times. This includes non-Christians who begin to think about becoming involved in a church. I take some time every now and then just to look at other church's webpages. The good ones seem simple but not boring. Informative without being overloading. Of course most have a "what we believe" section, this sometimes however only makes sense to those in the church of Christ. We need something that other congregations can see and know what we teach and at the same time easily communitcating to the lost. Take sometime over the next few weeks if you would and look at some church's websites. What do you like, what do you find useful? If you have already thought about it; what would you like to see on our site that will make it useful in ministry? This thing of course is my responsibility but it represents all of us as we try to make an impact for Christ in DuPont.

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  1. Two things about what TJ said: (1) It would be, in my view, detrimental to the success of the DuPont church plant to not have a GREAT website and to be using multi-media tools to evangelize and promote the work. That said, while this is TJ's baby (so to speak) we all need to be at least somewhat savvy about this ministry because it is easy to funnel everything toward one guy (especailly when he's taking it on full time). Secondly, unlike many church websites, TJ and I feel strongly that this will not be an online bulletin. Our website needs to be identified by interactive features such as blogs, podcast, video streaming and flashplayer. It will take time and money to bring it up to this level but that's what we are working for and the main reason to have a guy full time for this ministry.