Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pressing On

Hey gang, here's an update on how we're progressing since our last meeting. Several developments I'd like to inform you about and some things to keep in your prayers:

- Besides planting churches, one of the other reasons the Westside congregation in TX wanted to send a missionary to the Northwest was to help some of the struggling congregations in the area. Since moving up in early '08, we've worked with the Moses Lake congregation and the Kibler Ave. congregation. As of this week we'll now be working with the Shelton congregation. There is a two-fold blessing in this. (1) It supplements the Green family's support until we are able to get other brethren to chip in. (2) It provides much need help to a congregation that is struggling.

- Talked to Chris and he is making progress on getting us incorporated, getting us a PO box and opening a bank account. Sounds like it may take a little more time than expected to get some of the incorporation stuff done, but it's moving along.

- Our website should be off the ground and running soon. This will give us a place to funnel people who have questions about our work. Right now it will be equipped with just basic information about our work and ministries. It will be some time before we get the multi-media stuff up and running. Got any ideas about stuff you'd like to see on the website initially? Post it on the blog.

- Keep these things in your prayers: Natalie and Michelle and the babies on the way-TJ and Mike's fund raising-Doors to open to build relationships with people in the community-TJ and I and our work in the community next week-Russ and Tracie and the decisions they have to make regarding building their home and his parents and grandfather moving out-For wisdom and guidance for each of us as we patiently press on with this effort.

THOUGHT: "Of all the people you know, how many of them can say they were the first people to take the gospel into an unchurched community and bring the benefits of pure and simple Christianity to a community of lost souls...To me at least, that's something to be proud of!"

To the glory of God and the strenghtening of Christ's church,

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