Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life Comes At You Fast

That was a slogan of Allstate's for a while a few years back. It was best illustrated in a picture I recieved which then became my computer background while working the scheduling desk for my squadron in the Air Force. It was a 3 part picture of former Ohio State running back Marice Clarett. The first was him as a freshman diving over the goaline for a touchdown in Ohio State's upset of Miami to win a national championship. The next was his proud day at the NFL draft following his only college season. The last picture was his mug shot taken only months after the draft day picture and then you read the Allstate slogan.

It seems life never slows down and only speeds up until the sweet release of death. 2009 is coming at all of us fast. We have a P.O. Box, a rough but existing website, and soon the government will ordain us. For the Jones' and Weights' information it is looking very favorably for Michelle and I to get a house from Quadrant Homes and to move in some time in July. We just went browsing on Monday and here we are ready to build a home, it happened fast. We have all prayed and prayed about this church and the things necessary to make it happen. It seems the Lord is throwing it at us faster than any of us thought. But the Lord's plans do not always look like ours. And that is always good. Doing things His way has never let anyone down. I find it refreshing to see swift action as one who spends the majority of his typical day sitting listening to others talk for hours. Combined with this and countless other hours of hearing about what should be done for the church it is great to see and be a part of something which is being done for the church. So as life comes at us fast, when we tired we'll take breaks, but otherwise let us keep planting, watering and growing. Our Savior didn't go to the cross so we could simply wait for Him to come back. He gave us enough work to keep us occupied.

Semper Fi

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  1. TJ, this was an extremely encouraging post. Thanks for sharing it, I am pumped to have you and Michelle coming along on this work. Keep up the good work.