Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Brethren Aren't Alright

Outside of the word apathetic I don't know how to describe the overall mindset of the brethren in this country. Let me first clarify the word overall before Mike thinks this is a TJ suicidal-melancholy post (does everyone notice the word holy in there?). No, not every last Christian around has mentally checked out, but its safe to say a majority has. For example, a church in Midland Texas decided the church in the Northwest was important to them. They found a way to help, not apathetic. But how many churches are in Texas, and how many of them aren't actively seeking ways to further the kingdom? We don't have to look to another state for that though do we? This is on my mind so much right now because of what I have experienced in the last 6 months, when I was looking for a church to preach at and now in the process of raising support. I don't know how many people have not responded period. I do know that group is the majority. I don't care if the answer is no, at least I have information to go on. The upside to all of this is how it makes me realize how important this thing is. Giving ourselves a chance to do things better. To do away things things such as the 20-80 rule where 20% of the people do 80% percent of the work, which is accepted as standard in most churches. That's outlandish. Right now we are destroying that idea at DuPont, it needs to be kept that way. I hope that when a young man comes looking for support that we'll always at least be curtious enough to speak to him even if finacially we cannot help or doctrinally we shouldn't. Those are just a couple of examples. The point is we need to kill spiritual apathy in addation to all we are setting out to do; because we don't have enough to do right?

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